Kjell Lervik

Sandviksvei 87b 5035 BERGEN
Born: 01.01.49 Bergen, Norway
Phone: (+47) 9003 2287

Planning engineer.
E-mail: lervikkj@online.no

BSC 1981, Bergen University
Information science. (InfoVit mf. 1981, brushed up 2001)
Social science (history, geography, sociologi).    

1982 Basic course Sintran, Norsk Data.
1982 Artemis Network, Metier Management Norway.
1984 Leiro II part I & III Offshore Safety course.
1987 Leiro II part II Gullfaks and Oseberg fields.
1988 Data communication, NHI Oslo.
1995 SYSLAB Bergen

Work experience
Experience in planning and project management of major offshore and land based projects in Norway and abroad since 1982. Special skills: Project management techniques and IT.

Main projects  
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Tune Flowline Repair, Hydro HTP


FMC Kongsberg Subsea Customer Support


Fram Vest Project, Hydro  


Troll C Floating Production Unit, Hydro  


Oslo New Airport, Gardermoen OSL


Ekofisk II Development Project, 2/4J Jacket, Phillips


Europipe Development Project, Statoil


Maintenance plant-shutdown Kaarstoe, Statoil


Ekofisk Area Classification/Fire Water upgrade, Phillips

1990 :

Huldra platform feasibility study, Statoil


Gyda Cellar Deck & Flare-boom, BP


Oseberg 2 Utility Module M10, Hydro


Snorre Pontoon, Saga


Sleipner A M22 & M23, Statoil


Draugen, Shell

1988 :

Oseberg B Offshore Hook-up & Commissioning, Hydro

1987 :

Gullfaks A Offshore Hook-up & Commissioning, Statoil


Troll T-300 study, Shell


Gullfaks A At-shore Hook-up, Statoil


Statfjord C At-shore Hook-up & Commissioning, Mobil


Main Assignments

Apr 2002- Apr 03: Client: Hydro Tecnology & Project, Tie-in & Modification Projects Bergen.
Projects: Planning responsible Tune Flowline Repair Project. Planning various studies and modifications.

Aug 2001 - Feb 02: Client: FMC Kongsberg Subsea Customer Support Bergen
Planning department. Responsible for improvement of planning systems and routines.

Aug 2000 - Dec 00: Client: ABB Offshore Systems
Projects: Norsk Hydro Fram Vest Project, Golar Nor Petrojarl 1 upgrade. Fram Vest: Planning of  tie-in of subsea satelite to Troll C FPU. Petrojarl 1 upgrade: Planning/bid calculation.

Jan 99 - Dec 99: Aqua Farm Phillipines
Manager of Fish farm in Batangas Phillipines. Land/shore based prawn- and milkfish farm, 8 employees. Refurbishing pumps, electric motors, paddle wheels, various diesel and gasoline powered rotating equipment. Refurbishment of partly run down Residents house, pool and local style bamboo hut. Experience from (sea) water/algae quality control. Experience from prawn disease control. Buying of fry, fingerlings, rice snails, and rice bran from local producers in the area. Learning feeding and catching techniques from farm staff. Dealing with local fish monger and extensive contact with other farmers in the area.

Jan 98 - Dec 98: Client: Umoe Olje og Gass (now ABB)
Project: Norsk Hydro Troll C Floating Production Unit. Planning/assistance to contractor of sub-structure built at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan S-Korea. Extensive cooperation with Korean planning staff. (jan-sept). Follow-on planning Haugesund. Assistance to planning of drilling start-up Visund project Bergen.

Jan 97 - Dec 97: Client: OSL
Project: Oslo New Airport Gardermoen.
Detail planning of start-up and technical operation of  the airport.

Jun 96 - Dec 96: Client: Aker Verdal
Project: Ekofisk II Development Project, 2/4J Jacket & Piles.  Phillips.
Network planning and reporting.

Sept 94 - May 96: Preparation for and start-up of new company .
Manager NetControl AS
Purpose: Electronic publishing, Intranet solutions, design of Internet presentations,
database and project management.

May 92 -Aug 94 Client: Statoil UTB, Stavanger.
Projects: Europipe Development Project. Statoil.
Establishment of main project schedule. Responsible for coordinating planning and reporting for all construction sites. Sub-contract formulation. Follow-up and QA of major procurement packages.

Mar 91 - Feb 92 Client: Statoil Gass T, Kaarstoe
Projects: Planning of 1991 maintenance shutdown of Kaarstoe gas prosessing plant.
Redesign of shutdown planning application (Artemis 9000).

Nov 90 - Mar 91 Client: Veritec A/S Stavanger
Projects: Ekofisk Area Classification/Fire Water upgrade. Phillips Petroleum Company.
Huldra (Statoil) platform feasibility study, cost/weight estimate.
Redesign of engineering planning application. (Artemis 6000) Responsible for engineering plan Ekofisk.

Apr. 89 - Nov 90 Client: Kvaerner Egersund
Projects: Gyda Cellar Deck & Flare-boom, BP.
Oseberg 2 Utility Module M10, Norsk Hydro
Snorre Pontoon, Saga Petroleum
Sleipner A M22 & M23, Statoil
Network planning and Workorder Systems development.

Dec. 88 - Mar. 89 Client: Kvaerner Engineering A/S
Project: Draugen, Norske Shell
Procurement planning, Material Admin. Dept,

Mar. 88 - Dec. 88 Client: Kvaerner Engineering A/S
Oseberg 2, Norsk Hydro
Procurement planning, Material Admin. Dept. System development (Artemis 9000):
Procurement Milestone Schedule system. Implementation and training of users.

May 87 - Feb. 88 Client: Kvaerner Installasjon A/S
Project: Oseberg B Offshore Hook-up & Commissioning.
Pre-planning phase Asker/Bergen, offshore phase Oseberg field
Assignment as system planner.

Feb. 87 - May 87 Client: Kvaerner Installasjon A/S  
Project: Gullfaks A Offshore Hook-up & Commissioning. Statoil.
Final part of offshore phase, Gullfaks field .
Network planning. Assignment as Senior/System planner.

Jan. 87 Client: Norwegian Contractors A/S HQ.  
Project: Troll T-300 studyShell
Updating of network & estimates.

Nov. 86 - Jan. 87 Client: Kvaerner Brug A/S, Egersund  
Project: Gullfaks A, Oseberg A General
System development (Artemis PC):
Workorder & resource planning system.

June 85 - June 86 Client: Norwegian Contractors A/S, Oslo
Project:  Oseberg A, Gullfaks B & C, Troll SP4 concept study.
Network planning and Systems development (Artemis 6000).

Dec. 84 - May 85 Client: Aker Stord A/S
Project: Gullfaks A At-shore Hook-up.
Network planning and Systems development (Artemis 6000).

July 83 - Nov 84 Client: Mobil Exploration
Project:  Statfjord C At-shore Hook-up & Commissioning, Rosenberg (MRV) Stavanger.
Implementation of personnel, timesheet, cost and workorder system. Systems analyst NPC.

Apr. 82 - July 83 Client: Mobil E.N.I.
Project: Statfjord C Detail Engineering, Asker
Part of Data Processing dept. team. Systems analyst NPC.

Jan. 82 - Mar. 82 System Analyst, NPC A/S
Trainee Data Processing dept. Statfjord C project, Asker. Nord 100 & Artemis 5000 systems.

Mar. 79 - Sep. 80 UN-Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon.
Norbatt 3, 4 & 5. Info gathering and interview of population in Area of Operation Kp A. Map making and paintmarking of houses in KpA AO. Driver/assistant to S3 officer in meetings with PLO. Assistant interpreter during interrogations.
Service during incoming 12,7 and 155.

July 69 - July 70 Military service Evjemoen/GSV Finnmark.
Border patrol, Norwegian/Russian border Grensejakobselv.
Member of the Norwegian Home Guard from 1967 until retirement in 1994 with the rank of  Lt. serving at batallion (avsnitt) HQ.